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Who are we?

néos is a French business based in Beaune, Burgundy. Our teams have more than 50 years of experience to put at the service of our clients. To date, we have a portfolio of more than 100 completed projects and an annual turnover of 20 million euros.

néos, solutions for the environment; néos, solutions for your environment ! 

As an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company, we conceive, realize, put into operation, and maintain efficient, turnkey facilities on behalf of our clients.

Christophe BERNAD

A word from the founder

The environmental challenges confronting our civilization are now widely acknowledged.

Challenges are inherent to human progress, yet the environmental challenge that we now face is global in scale, affecting consumer society worldwide.

Let’s be honest, néos will not save the planet, but neither will inaction. That’s why at néos, we only work with people with a passion for nature.

At néos, we strongly believe that we are capable of making a difference, and bringing about change.

At néos, we think that a civilization capable of recycling what it consumes, however imperfect, cannot be entirely in the wrong. Our mission is simply to mitigate man’s impact on nature as much as possible. It may seem counterintuitive that our work should be characterized by competitiveness and efficiency, but so much the better! Indeed, with every goal that we surpass, and every waste treatment cost that we reduce, the planet benefits. If our aim is to create the best tools, we must look for the perfect combination of environmental efficiency, total cost, and safety. Our mission is only accomplished when these 3 parameters reach perfect synergy. Fortunately, given the creative spirit of our R&D team, each project is different and there are always aspects of this balance that can be improved.

A business exists thanks to the coherent efforts of the individuals of which it is composed. The identity of néos cannot be separated from that of its team, whose coherence is determined by our shared values.

Our definition of waste management solution provider

“Our profession consists in creating a whole that cannot be reduced to the sum of its parts…!”

The magic of our profession is that it is not enough to simply line up pieces of equipment to create a sorting line. We must put them in order and ensure they work together efficiently to fully satisfy our clients.

For each of our projects, we look for the best combination of environmental efficiency, cost efficiency, and uncompromising operator safety.


Robots and data become key elements of sorting facilities of the future
Creation of Wasoria, a subsidiary of néos, specialized in the realization and installation of sorting robots and data management.
Development of two skills
2017 - A Frame-Design department was created to complement the Mechanics and Electricity Automation departments.

2019 – néos became capable of Assembly Line Scheduling, giving us complete control over everything that connects the machines together.
The environment first and foremost
Development of Noé LEC, Low Energy Consumption, an automatic drive that adapts but not AI model-based application for the control and optimization of the energy consumption of sorting facilities. As a provider of complete waste management solutions, our mission is to ensure that the whole represents more than the sum of its parts.
néos innovation now has a name: Néos Original Equipment
Development of automation applications Noé Smart, Noé Drive, Noé Dashboard, and Noé Check for the optimization of site management.
A great leap forward for the energy efficiency of our sorting centers
Launch of the first materials recovery facility using IE4 motors. Truly revolutionary, these motors use 20 to 40% less energy than previous generations.
2015 - Néos devient 100� française
néos becomes a 100% French business
Christophe Bernad became the majority shareholder, accompanied by Invest PME and CARVEST.
A new solid recovered fuel (SRF) preparation unit
Launch of our first SRF preparation unit, the CTHP Le Pal, on behalf of our client Véolia in Nice.
néos invents La Griffe (“The Claw”)
La Griffe is a separator of flexible films and plastic bags that enhances and eases the sorting of plastic material present due to expanded waste disposal guidelines, which carries a risk of becoming stuck in the material flow.
The creation of néos’s automation/control interface design department
We integrated the latest automation technology into our process solutions to the benefit of our clients, putting néos at the cutting edge of technology.
The first site for the preparation of waste prior to anaerobic digestion
néos, as part of a joint venture, realized a facility in Bourg en Bresse for the production and valorization of biogas capable of processing 90,000 metric tons of waste per year.
The first OptiBag pilot line in Nantes
The first OptiBag line was put in place on behalf of Valoréna in Nantes. The process relies on the use of colored bags, enabling optical sorting. These bags are collected and transported together by a conventional garbage truck, along with residual household waste, eliminating the need for separate collections.
The biggest site in France and Europe
Contract awarded for the Isséane materials recovery facility in Issy-les-Moulineaux for the household waste agency (Syctom) of the Paris urban area. The facility, located 15 m underground, can process 45,000 metric tons per year.
The biological stabilization of residual household waste
Launch of the first residual household waste treatment facility in Mende, Lozère.
The first rubble sorting facility
Launch of the first rubble sorting facility in Seclin, northern France.
A new asset – OptiBag
Horstmann France acquired new skills in the realization of waste treatment facilities with the Optibag process.
A new name is coined : néos
Horstmann France coined its new commercial name for the French market.
Founding of Horstmann France
Based in Beaune, Burgundy, Horstmann France was founded to study and realize sorting and composting projects for French-speaking markets.
Opening of a production site in Wagrowiec, Poland
Horstmann developed his business with the opening of a new production site.
The first sorting line for used paper
Realization of the first used paper sorting line in Porta Westfalica, Germany.
Founding by Karl Friedhelm Horstmann
Creation of the Horstmann business by Karl Friedhelm Horstmann, whose objective was the design and manufacture of a revolutionary conveyor to unload coal from railway wagons.


  • People are at the heart of our business: employees, clients, partners, those who benefit from the efficiency of our facilities
  • The diversity and individualities within our team are the source of our performance
  • Environmental concerns being at the source of our activity, we feel indebted to the environment
  • Researching today’s ideas to create tomorrow’s standards: we put technique at the service of the environment and humanity
  • Client satisfaction is our priority and this is ultimately what gives meaning to our work


Our organizational structure, based on 4 operational branches (Technical, Projects, Services, and Administration), enables us to offer our clients efficient, turnkey sorting facilities.