Neos Original Equipment

Since 2010 all néos developments have been available under the acronym NOE, which stands for Néos Original Equipment.

These developments all aim to simplify operators’ work and improve their comfort, as well as enhancing recycling efficiency in order to preserve the environment.

In this respect, NOE developments represent the practical application of the values that néos employees hold so dear.



As clients requested néos to implement robotic and digital solutions, we soon noticed the difficulty of adapting standardized equipment to the needs of the French market. These high-tech facilities require close support for accurate operational handling and maximum efficiency.

Creating Wasoria allowed néos to answer this need for products meeting those demands, while offering the proximity, reactivity, and support of a human-sized French company.

Wasoria solutions can be installed very easily into existing sorting facilities with minimal changes, or they can be fully integrated in the design of new projects.

Not to be missed!